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How to decorate with Kilim Rugs

How to decorate with Kilim Rugs
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Our love for Kilim is never-ending! The art of Turkish Kilim Rugs makes us fall in love with them all over again. Are you the one of the millions who thinks rugs are meant to be on floors? We will tell you different and unique ideas of using them for the interior of your home. Kilims are the epitome of folk art as their colors and handmade designs enhance the look of the area they are placed into.

We have already talked about the way these rugs are made, from the fabric used in them to the intricacy through which they are woven. In this blog, we will tell you different ways of using our handmade Kilim rugs.

1.    Turkish Kilim Rugs In Kitchen

Yes, you can use them in your kitchen to add both color and comfort. Kitchens are mostly single-toned or two-toned; therefore, placing a vibrant piece of Kilim would be an amazing idea. It will not only add a better color, but it will also give you a cushioning effect while cooking and save your feet from getting cold.

You must be worried about cleaning, right? Well, we advise you to use a dark-colored rug that could hide spots.

2.    Kilim Rug in Bathroom

Kilim Don’t freak out because these ideas are all tried and tested. Small rooms are the hardest to decorate, and especially areas like the bathrooms that are filled with a lot of things. Adding a small piece of will change the entire look of your bathroom and help you keep it clean as well.

3.    Use Them To Give a Life To Old Things

Aren’t there old benches or stands in your home that need improvement? Every home has rejected things that are ignored and regarded as useless. By using our beautiful Kilims, you can make those things relive. Replace the old cover with a Kilim that suits the space in which you want to place it. We are sure you will love those things you hated in your home once!

4.    Hang Kilim on Walls

We know you have never thought about it because rugs are mostly placed on floors, but Kilims are amazing wall decorators, too. However, it suits neutral-colored walls only and gives them both life and space. Do not hang a Kilim on bright-colored walls because it will go the other way around.

A beautiful Kilim as a headboard is the best idea we have tried so far. Just like hanging a painting or a piece of art, you should analyze the space you want to hang the rug. Use dynamic rugs if you want to replace a backdrop or a headboard; however, the small rugs serve the best to highlight important spots on walls.

5.    Kilim Floor Pillows and Cushions

Floor pillows are so welcoming and relaxing. They give a comforting effect and add more space to your home as you can move them anywhere you want. Using Kilim as the floor pillow cover gives a beautiful bohemian style to your home. Kilim floor covers look best on wooden floors and neutral-toned rooms and lounges.

Similarly, the vibrant Kilim cushions will have an electrifying effect in your home, especially when used with graphic prints. These minor changes make a huge impact so never ignore them!

6.    Bedroom Interior

Last but not the least, give an elegant look to your bedroom with Kilim and we bet you will love it. The colorful artistic designs will serve as the central focus and bring warmth to your room. If your room is small, spread a smaller rug in front of your bed and it will be equally effective.


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