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How To Choose a Kilim Rug?

How To Choose a Kilim Rug?
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Tranquility and contrast are the two basic principles interior designers work on. From an aesthetic point of view, a decorating item should add harmony to your home along with giving a beautiful contrast. When you choose a Turkish Kilim Rug or other handmade items, you are buying something that has a tendency to completely change the look of your home.

These vintage items serve as a central focus, give space, and leave you awestruck when you installed them at your place. However, buying these items can be a bit more challenging; therefore, we are here to ease this task for you.

Steps to Buy a Turkish Kilim Rug

We have prepared for you a brief guide as to how should you buy a Kilim Rug that would fit into your home and serve the purpose of harmony and contrast. Have a look!

1. Choose a Mode and Purpose

First, analyze your purpose of installing a Kilim Rug. Different areas of your home are for different purposes and require different moods, so your choice of rugs should be according to the place you are buying it for.

Here are the types of rugs according to moods!

Cozy Mode. The natural old pieces and rustic color rugs suit the best if you are seeking comfort.

Attention Graber. Some areas of the home require funkiness and attention. If that’s your purpose, choose a Kilim rug with geometric patterns and bright vibrant colors.

Harmony. The areas where you rest in your home after a hard day at work needs tranquility to relax you. The over dyed Turkish Kilim rugs with pale hue compliment should be your choice if you want to have a harmonious environment. The rugs with simple strips and rag rugs also serve best for this purpose.

2.    Be Wise in Choosing Colors

Once you have decided mode and purpose of choosing a vintage Kilim rug, it’s time to select the right color. Treat the rug you are buying as a frame for artwork because there should be a contrast. Avoid blunders like choosing brown for a wooden floor. Always choose a contrast color of the floors and walls to make the rug stand out. Also, keep in mind the design and the color of the furniture around along with the color of floor and walls.

Right colors make all the difference; therefore, be wise and act smart. Don’t be a matching freak if you want the best results!

3.    Keep the Light in Mind

Kilims are the hand-woven and sensitive piece of art. Just like they serve different purposes to different areas, their looks vary in different lights. If there is an intensive influx of sunlight where you have spread the rug, it is advisable to choose a dark color such as black so that it won’t fade away soon. But then again, do not ignore the floor, wall, and furniture color around.

4.    Choose the Right Texture

We have talked enough about the colors and designs of these Kilim rugs. There are different textures for different purposes as well. For example, if you need softness underneath your legs and want to add warmth, you should go for a Tulu rug that is made out of soft hairs of the goat. Similarly, you should buy a flat weave rug for sensitive regions such as bathrooms and kitchens.




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