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Vintage Hallway Runner Rugs

Kilim runners are typically narrow and long, and they are often used as decorative rugs or runners in homes and other interior spaces.

Rug runners & Kilim runners are a great choice for many different areas of the home, especially those with heavy foot traffic. Some areas where rug runners are commonly used include:

  1. Hallways: Rug runners are perfect for hallways, which tend to see a lot of foot traffic. They can help to protect the flooring and add a decorative touch to an otherwise plain space.

  2. Staircases: Rug runners can be used to cover the treads of a staircase, providing both traction and a stylish accent to the area.

  3. Entryways: A rug runner in an entryway can help to trap dirt and debris before it makes its way into the rest of the home. It can also be a welcoming touch for guests.

  4. Kitchens: Rug runners can be used in front of kitchen sinks or stoves to provide cushioning for tired feet and to protect the flooring from spills.

  5. Bedrooms: Rug runners can be used alongside the bed, providing a soft surface for bare feet in the morning and a cozy touch to the space.

Overall, rug runners are a versatile and practical addition to any home, providing both style and function to a variety of different areas.

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